Topic: “The Blueprint to Building a Profitable Business Without Burnout”

The 3 Biggest Mistakes I Made on My First Journey From ZERO to a Million Dollars (And What I Am I Doing This Time Instead That ACTUALLY Works!)

Workshop Highlights:
-1- CLARITY & FOCUS: The secret to building a million dollar business without overwhelm, anxiety & burnout!

-2- SIMPLE STRATEGIC PLANNING: The 3-Step weekly planning process new business owners undervalue, WHILE hugely successful entrepreneurs NEVER miss!

-3- INCREASE PROFIT: How to increase your profit without having to find more customers!

Workshop Takeaways:
The TIME, MONEY, & FLEXIBILITY FREEDOM you have been working towards since you opened your business!
No more GUILT for working too much or too little!
No more anxiety over making the wrong decision!
No more burnout from juggling family, life & business!
It’s Time To Achieve The FREEDOM LEVEL In Your Business!

Sailynn started her entrepreneurial journey to reclaim control over her time, money and flexibility after working 5 jobs in 7 years due to two layoffs and a short term contract job! She opened her first business in 2007 by purchasing a senior home care franchise in North Dartmouth, MA. After working 80+ hour weeks and being on-call 24/7 for 3 years, she drew a line in the sand and went on a mission to figure out how to Live More and Work Less! After implementing her Legacy Business System, she tripled her business revenue, 4x her personal salary all while reducing her hours to just 16 weekly! She achieved her ultimate goal to retire from her full time career by age 40 and then sold it all to start over in sunny South Florida! Nowadays Sailynn is fulfilling her passions of living life to its fullest while helping other women entrepreneurs do the same by sharing her unique system to say goodbye to burnout and hello to freedom inside her done with you program designed to give you the support you’d expect from working with a coach, combined with the flexibility of a self-guided course.

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